Ink Cartridge Recycling



You Can Arrange Free Pick Up Of Ink Cartridges By Recycling Companies

Why Recycle? With business needs growing every year the amount of waste we produce grows with it and this will just continue to increase. Almost all business use printers and printers produce waste cartridges. These cartridges are made of a non-biodegradable plastic and when put into landfill can take decades to decompose. Why use landfill and harm our environment when you can recycle these items FREE of charge? Our recycling partners handle in excess of 6 million used laser toner and inkjet cartridges a year. They’ve developed an environmental process to ensure that every component of the used cartridges they collect is either remanufactured or recycled. Nothing will go to landfill. If you care about your environment and require a disposal service from a company that offers free ink cartridge recycling then simply look online to Book A Free Collection, they will be happy to assist you.

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Helping you achieve green status

If required we’ll provide you with the documentation you need for environmental audits.


Fast arrangement and collection

Arranging for a local company to collect your cartridges only takes a matter of seconds online.


Completely Free Pick Up Service

All of the collections to relieve you of your empty inkjet and toner cartridges are FREE OF CHARGE.


A Very Simple “Take All” Policy

Whether you are using compatible or original brand products, they’ll recycle all of them for you.


Reducing the strain on landfill

Helping divert thousands of tons of waste from landfill, preserving our countryside for the future.


Each collection raises money for charity

Each cartridge you recycle will help raise valuable funds for our charities and fundraising programmes.